Declaration for individual researchers (Standard KBS format)

Please provide details of any funding you have received in the past 5 years from an alcohol industry body, or from an organisation receiving funding from the industry, e.g. ERAB, ABMRF, DrinkWise. "Funding" includes research costs, salaries, speaker fees, accommodation, transportation, and meals, but is not restricted to these.

I have not received alcohol industry funding of any kind in the past 5 years
I have received alcohol industry funding in the past 5 years (complete details below)
I am not sure if my funding is from industry sources (complete details below)

Details for each source of funding (name of funding source, nature of funding, period of funding):

From personal resources: € 35 per year
From institutional resources: € 80 per year

Renewal of membership: If you do not know your current payment status, please contact KBS Treasurer Elin K. Bye for an update

Personal resources Institutional resources
2018 € 35 € 80
2018-2019 € 70 € 160
2018-2020 € 105 € 240
Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, AmEx)
Bank transfer (details below)

Payments per credit card are to be done directly after submission of this form.

Date and time of submission: 12 December 2018, 00:39

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