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Getting to Lausanne

Switzerland has two international airports:


It is much faster to travel between Zurich / Geneva and Lausanne by train than taking domestic flight between the two airports. Nevertheless, if you are not flying directly into Zurich, please check the possibilities of flying into Geneva instead.

Swiss railway system (CFF)

Switzerland is renowned for its excellent and reliable train service. Trains from Geneva airport to Lausanne leave four times every hour (’01, ‘27, ’36, ’48 see timetableExternal link); Trains from Zurich airport leave every half hour (’13, ’43 see timetableExternal link). Tickets can be purchased from the machines located in the station (CHF, Euro or by credit cards and PIN-code), from the station ticket counters or from the online CFF Ticket ShopExternal link.

Price of a one way ticket:

  • Zurich Airport     -> Lausanne     CHF 71 (€ )
  • Geneva Airport  -> Lausanne     CHF 25 (€ )
  Zurich airport -> Lausanne Geneva airport -> Lausanne
Earliest (direct) connection 6:13 am 5:47 am
Latest (direct) connection 9:43 pm 0:12 am

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