Getting to Sheffield


Although Sheffield does not have an airport, it is easily accessed from several airports.

Manchester (MIA)

We recommend flying into Manchester airport if possible, as your onward journey to Sheffield will be cheaper and easier. A direct train runs from the airport to Sheffield every hour.  The journey takes approximately one hour and a return ticket costs around £30 when purchased at the station. A pre-booked taxi from Manchester airport to Sheffield city centre costs between £60 and £80 (Please note, a taxi is your best option if you arrive at Manchester Airport late in the evening).

Leeds Bradford (LBA)

Leeds Bradford Airport is less than an hour from Sheffield, although it handles fewer flights than Manchester and only flies to European destinations. A pre-booked taxi from Leeds Bradford Airport costs between £60 and £80, or you can get a bus from the airport to Leeds train station and travel on to Sheffield from there.


Please note - Sheffield City Council are offering delegate discounted train tickets on East Midlands Trains services from London to Sheffield, when booked in advance - see details below

London Luton

London Luton airport is located to the north of London, on a direct train line between London and Sheffield. A single train ticket, including a ticket for the short bus journey from the airport to the railway station, costs roughly £60. A pre-booked taxi costs roughly £140. A single direct coach journey costs roughly £30 when pre-booked.

London Stansted

Located to the north-east of London, towards Cambridge, Stansted airport is handy for reaching London but is not on a direct line to Sheffield. It provides a convenient airport for European visitors wanting to visit London before the conference.

London Gatwick

Gatwick is located to the south of London, and is a major international airport. Getting to London from Gatwick airport is very easy with the Gatwick Express service. Getting to Sheffield by train requires changing in London, and tickets can easily cost over £100 single when purchased on the day. A pre-booked taxi costs around £250, and the journey will take around 3 hours.

London Heathrow

As with Gatwick, Heathrow is a major international airport and is the UK's busiest airport.  Located to the west of London, it is within easy reach of London.  Getting to Sheffield by train requires changing trains in Londaon, and tickets can easily cost over £100 single when puchased on the day.  


**** Sheffield City Council offer discounted train tickets for delegates travelling on East Midlands Trains services from London to Sheffield. For more details, click here. Return tickets from London to Sheffield are available for £49.50, or £71 first class. Tickets need to be ordered 10 working days in advance (30 working days if overseas).****


Trains can easily be booked online via the National Rail web site.  


  • Train travel in the UK can be expensive, but it is much cheaper to book tickets in advance, so think about booking before you leave (at least two weeks prior to travel).  
  • Seats can be reserved on most services, although not usually on airport services.  If you have the option, book a seat as trains can be crowded at peak times.
  • If you are booking in advance, check whether you would like an ADVANCE ticket (cheaper but can only be used on a specified train journey) or an ANYTIME ticket (more expensive, but flexible).
  • Some services offer a printable e-ticket, with others you will be given the option to pick your tickets up at one of the many collection machines available at all trains stations, using the credit card you booked paid with as proof of identity.  Be sure to pick the correct train station for collection when you book! 



For coach services, see National Express or Megabus.

  • Coach travel in the UK is much cheaper, but usually takes longer than the train.
  • Coach travel is not a low-end experience - National Express and Megabus coaches are comfortable and well-equipped, with power sockets and reclining seats.


For pre-booked taxis from airports, contact City Taxis or search online.


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