Application for Ole-Jørgen Skog Award

The deadline for application for the 2016 OJS Award is May 1, 2016. Please read the eligibility criteria and instructions below.

The application form is available here. Please send your form and your paper to the Chair of the Award Committee before May 1, 2016: .

The Kettil Bruun Society is an international and multidisciplinary society, aiming to promote social and epidemiological research which fosters comparative understanding of the social aspects of alcohol problems in different countries and across different sub-populations.

The purpose of the Ole-Jørgen Skog Award for Early Career Scientist is to recognize the excellence of the papers presented by early career scientists at the KBS Annual Symposium held each year in early June. The award is a cash prize of 250 Euros, two years membership of the Kettil Bruun Society, and a certificate.

The best paper presented by an early career scientist (no more than 5 years in alcohol research) will be selected by a scientific committee, based on its contribution to advancing the knowledge in alcohol research and on its theoretical and methodological quality.

The winner will be announced and the award presented at the Social Dinner on Thursday evening, June 2, 2016.

Please read the eligibility and evaluation criteria, below, and ensure that you submit your paper along with the application form. Late submissions will be ineligible.


To be considered for the award, applicants must:

  • be students studying for their masters or doctoral degree (still with no more than 5 years in alcohol research) OR early career scientists whose postgraduate degree was awarded within the last two years (i.e., not before May 2014) OR early career scientists without a postgraduate degree with less than 5 years in alcohol research;
  • be presenting a paper as the first author
  • provide a statement describing the contributions of each author on the front page of the paper, and
  • submit the paper and application form by the due date.

Evaluation criteria:

Approximately equal weight will be given to each of the three criteria. Please note the descriptors under each heading.

1. Significance and innovation

  • addresses an issue relevant to "social, epidemiological, and cross-cultural research on alcohol use"
  • reports findings that contribute to the research discipline and/or will improve public policy, health promotion or clinical practice
  • will probably result in an influential publication

2. Scientific merit

  • the rationale for the study is well developed
  • objectives are clearly defined and coherent
  • methods are appropriate
  • analyses are well executed
  • results are interpreted appropriately

3. Quality of presentation

  • paper is well structured and within the page limits (16, single-spaced including tables, figures and references)
  • abstract accurately and succinctly describes the study in <250 words
  • introduction covers the relevant literature and presents a rationale for the study
  • tables and figures are clear and informative and do not overlap with the text
  • discussion provides a brief summary of the main findings, a complete and balanced account of the limitations and strengths of the study, and a comparison with other relevant studies

A list of previous winners is available at:




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