Pre-meetings and Workshops

KBS Pre-meetings: 28-29 May

Organizational Meeting of Site Directors for New GENACIS-Harms to Others R01 Grant

This planning meeting is for key personnel (directors and co-directors) of the six performance sites in the recently funded grant, "Alcohol's Harm to Others: Multinational Cultural Contexts and Policy Implications." Sites are the Alcohol Research Group, University of North Dakota, Aarhus University, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, La Trobe University, and Addiction Switzerland Research Institute. More information about this new project will be provided at the Tuesday afternoon (16:00-17:30) joint IGSAHO-GENACIS workshop. For more information about the organizational meeting, please contact Sharon Wilsnack ( ), Tom Greenfield ( ), or Kim Bloomfield ( ).

Time: Saturday and Sunday; 10:00-17:00
Number of expected participants
: 10-12
Room: Spelbomskan, 7th floor


International Alcohol Control (IAC) study working meeting

This working meeting is for all participating countries, as well as those interested in participating, in the International Alcohol Control (IAC) study. The IAC study is a multi-country collaborative project that aims to assess and evaluate the impact of alcohol control policy across a range of alcohol environments. For more information, contact Sally Casswell ( ) or Renee Railton ( ). The IAC meeting is open for anyone who is interested to attend.

Time: Saturday: 9:30-17:30; Sunday: 12:00-14:30
Number of expected participants
: 15-20
Room: Bergsmannen, 7th floor


KBS Coordinating Committee meeting (Co-Com Meeting, closed)

Time: Sunday; 16:00-19:00
Number of expected participants
: 15-20
Room: Kungstenen, 7th floor

KBS Workshops: 31 May

Joint GenACIS and IGSAHO workshop: focusing on alcohol's harm to others, followed by Dinner at 20.00

Gender, Alcohol and Culture: an International study (GENACIS) group and the International Group for the Study of Alcohol's Harm to Others (IGSAHO) are holding a combined workshop to discuss recent national research on harm to others flowing from these groups. Brief updates from all national study directors will be welcomed.

The workshop is open to all KBS members and participants are invited to dinner afterwards at 20.00. There is no need to RSVP to the workshop but if you are interested in attending the dinner please RSVP to Anne-Marie Laslett and Sharon Wilsnack on and .

Time: 16:00-17:30


What's New in Publishing Addiction Science?

Two journal editors and authors of the forthcoming third edition of the book, Publishing Addiction Science, will review current developments in scientific publishing as they affect the field of drug and alcohol research. The issues include the rise of Predatory Publishers, new publishing opportunities, where to publish your articles, how to write a publishable article, new developments in publication ethics, and the meaning of (scientific) life. A list of member journals of the International Society of Addiction Journal Editors will be distributed. Open ended discussion of publishing issues, including publication ethics, will be encouraged.

The workshop is open to all KBS meeting attendees. There is no need to RSVP to attend the workshop.

Workshop Facilitators: Kerstin Stenius and Thomas Babor
Time: 16:00-17:30




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