Sweden as a Nordic country is one of the most northern countries in the world crossing the Arctic Circle in the north. Sweden is a large country with a surface area near the size of Thailand or the state of California. Sweden is known for its beautiful nature with long costal lines running from the south up to the northern mountains. The country is largely covered by forest and lakes and its peaceful surface is also reflected in its peaceful state, Sweden has not been at war since 1814.

Sweden has been known to generate great innovations like the pacemaker and the zipper as well as influential companies such as Volvo, IKEA and Minecraft. On the sporting fields there are several Swedish champions including the tennis player Björn Borg, the soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimović, the golf player Jesper Parnevik and of course the nine time world champion ice hockey team Tre Kronor. Sweden is also a country famous for its musicians such as ABBA, Swedish House Mafia, Avicii, Roxette, Ace of Base, Robyn and songwriters like Max Martin. Sweden is a six time winner of the Eurovision Song contest and will be hosting the event again in 2016 after 2015s victory by Måns Zelmerlöw with the song "Heroes".

Sweden facts

Captital: Stockholm
Language: Swedish
Population: 9.8 million
Currency: 1 krona=100 öre
Area: 450,000 km² (174,000 sq mi)
Political system: Parliamentary democracy and Constitutional monarchy


Average temperatures (Stockholm): -2.8°C (+27.0°F) +17.2°C (63.0°F)
Daylight (Stockholm): 6 hours
 18 hours


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