KBS Thematic Meeting: Youth Drinking In Decline (10-12 April 2019)

The next thematic conference of the Kettil Bruun Society, Youth Drinking In Decline, will be held in Krakow, Poland on April 10-12, 2019.

Website: https://kbsyouthdrinkingindecline.com/


About the conference

Youth alcohol consumption is declining across most high income nations, often alongside concurrent decreases in drug use and smoking.  Researchers are increasingly focusing on the nature and underlying reasons for this decline. An international research conference titled ‘Youth Drinking in Decline’ will be held in Krakow, Poland on the 10th-12th April 2019. The program will be organised around the following themes:

  • Exploring the consistency of declining youth drinking trends within and between countries
  • Explaining the decline in youth drinking
  • Relationships between declining youth drinking trends and trends in wider youth behaviour and culture
  • Implications for public health, public policy and practice of declining youth drinking trends

We welcome a maximum of 80 participants interested in subjects relevant to the themes of the conference. Selection of abstracts for presentation will be based on scientific quality and thematic relevance. Each paper will be assigned a discussant and time will be allocated for comments, questions and discussion from the audience. Conference registration will open on 14th January.