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Dear Member,

Being in the Kettil Bruun Society means you are interested in the latest research on the social and epidemiological aspects of alcohol use and its related problems.

As alcohol is one of the substances extensively covered in EUROPEAN ADDICTION RESEARCH, we are sure that our journal EUROPEAN ADDICION RESEARCH will be of special interest to you. We are delighted to inform you that as a KBS member you will receive EUROPEAN ADDICTION RESEARCH at almost 70% discount.

Don’t miss this spectacular offer: get EUROPEAN ADDICITON RESEARCH for only CHF 112.– / EUR 80.– / USD 117.60 online or print (postage and handling will be added to print).

The attached PDF:  KBS Special offer.pdf    gives you all the necessary information, including an order form. Choose the easiest way to order: print out the flyer and fax it to us or fill it in and send your order by e-mail to