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Abikoye Gboyega Nigeria Assessment of herbal gin use and dependence in sub-urban Nigerian communities
Adekeye Olujide Nigeria Personality Traits as Predictors of Substance Abuse among Youths in Abeokuta
Ahlström Salme Finland Experiences of Collecting Data for African School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs (ASPAD)
Allamani Allaman Italy Forecasting the impact of the evidence-based alcohol policies on alcohol consumption and alcohol-related harm
Ally Abdallah Preventing increases in alcohol affordability: identifying an appropriate mechanism for uprating excise duty over time
Amundsen Ellen Johanna Norway Measuring alcohol consumption by wastewater analysis
Ander Birgitta Sweden "I drink with my girlfriends and then it´s different because you can talk and relax"
Andreasson Sven Health benefits from moderate drinking: a critical review
Andreuccetti Gabriel Brazil Alcohol use among fatally injured victims in Sao Paulo, Brazil: Bridging the gap between research and health services to deter alcohol-related deaths in developing countries.
Angus Colin United Kingdom The changing face of alcohol availability in Great Britain: An analysis of trends in outlet types and density between 2003-2014
Aresi Giovanni Italy At-risk behaviors, drinking, drug use and related consequences among university students completing study abroad experiences: A systematic review
Armstrong Kerry Australia Understanding Women's Drink Driving Behaviour
Audenaerdt Miranda Netherlands -
Babor Thomas United States Evaluation of Alcohol Advertising during the 2014 World Cup Tournament
Bagge Courtney United States Alcohol Use to Facilitate a Suicide Attempt: Relations with Proximal Suicide Premeditation and Intent
Baumeister Sebastian-Edgar Germany Light to Moderate Alcohol Consumption is Associated with Lower Risk of Aortic Valve Sclerosis - The Study of Health in Pomerania (SHIP)
Beccaria Franca Italy The more you know, the better you drink. The renewed drinking culture in Italian wine production areas.
Bell Steven United Kingdom The association between longitudinal trajectories of alcohol intake and risk of coronary heart disease, cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality in Great Britain: evidence from 8 prospective cohort studies
Berends Lynda Australia Health and welfare service use prior to entering an episode of alcohol treatment: how can we improve the pathway to care?
Bergmark Anders Sweden Addiction and the mechanisms of medicalization
Bergmark Karin Sweden Internet addiction – the making of a new addiction
Bloomfield Kim Denmark -
Booth Brenda United States Deployment, Military Rank, and Binge Drinking in U.S. Active Duty and Reserve/National Guard Servicewomen
Brennan Alan -
Britton Annie United Kingdom Life course drinking typologies and precursors: evidence from 8 prospective cohort studies
Buvik Kristin Norway Girls will be served until you have to carry them out: Gendered serving practices in Oslo
Buykx Penny United Kingdom Using routine administrative data from specialist alcohol treatment services in England to estimate client severity of dependence, complex needs and treatment pathways
Bye Elin Kristin Norway On a north-south gradient in drinking patterns in Europe
Callaghan Russ Canada Do drinking-age laws have an impact on crime? Evidence from Canada, 2009-2013
Casswell Sally New Zealand Alcohol Environment Protocol - measuring the alcohol environment in the International Alcohol Control study
Chaiyasong Surasak Thailand International Alcohol Control (IAC) Study: Price of a drink and high-risk drinking behaviors in Thailand
Cherpitel Cheryl United States Alcohol attributable fraction for infury morbidity from the dose-response relationship of acute alcohol consumption: Emergency department data from 18 countries
Cisneros Örnberg Jenny Sweden Title: Regulation in the name of what? Lifestyle regulation and the case of e-cigarettes.
Clausen Thomas Norway Alcohol consumption at any level increases risk of injury caused by others: Data from the Study on Global AGEing and Adult Health
Connor Jennie New Zealand Alcohol involvement in sexual behaviour and adverse sexual health outcomes in early middle age.
Contel Michele Italy Early drinking habits in a sample of young Italian adolescents (12-14 years).
Cunningham John Australia Exploring the high prevalence of co-occurring alcohol and mental health disorders in treatment: What treatment and for whom?
Davey Jeremy Australia -
Davoren Martin Ireland Alcohol consumption among university students: developing a taxonomy of consumption to aid the tailoring of effective public health policy
Dietze Paul Australia A systematic investigation of marketing strategies used by alcohol brands and alcohol-related health promotion on Facebook and Twitter
Egerer Michael Finland Facing clients' excessive appetites: Social work ideologies in four German social offices
Elekes Zsuzsanna Hungary Sick, criminal, poor or only adolescent? Addictive behaviours in the Hungarian media
Enarsson Ann-Therese Sweden -
Ferris Jason Australia An examination of Random Breath Testing and alcohol-related traffic crash rates in Australia: 2000–2012
Filipenko Vladimir India -
Fitzgerald (Dr) Niamh United Kingdom Challenges and opportunities in alcohol screening and brief interventions in new settings
Friese Bettina United States Alcohol, tobacco and marijuana use at school: Individual characteristics and the school environment
Fynbo Lars Denmark How about the unsaid? Reflections on qualitative interviews with heavy consumers of alcohol and other drugs
Ganguly Kalyan India Opium Addiction in Arunachal Pradesh Understanding the Socio-Cultural Domains
Garretsen Henk Netherlands Promoting evidence based working in alcohol prevention and policy. Lessons learned from structural collaborations between stakeholders involved.
Gell Lucy United Kingdom An examination of the clustering of alcohol's harm to others: patterns and correlates
Gertzen Marcus Germany Changing patient spectrum, different treatment strategies?
Giesbrecht Norman Canada Alcohol as a carcinogen: Public awareness & policy implications
Gill Jan United Kingdom Scottish female heavy drinkers; is the UK definition of 'harmful' consumption fit for purpose?
Gillespie Duncan How inequalities in tobacco and alcohol consumption might modify the effects of public health action: a modelling case study of head, neck and oesophageal cancer
Greenfield Thomas United States Disparities in alcohol use patterns and associated problems among American Indians and Alaskan Natives (AI/ANs) in the US: Three National Alcohol Surveys 2000-2010
Grittner Ulrike Germany How do drinking cultures change? - Evidence of transitions in Denmark
Gustafsson Nina-Katri United Kingdom Substance use framed as situational action
Harker Burnhams Nadine South Africa An analysis of the formative phase of and data generated by a multisite, poly-substance use study in Cape Town, South Africa
Härkönen Janne Finland Decreasing underage drinking: No evidence for continuation in future adult cohorts. An APC-analysis of adolescent drinking in Finland, 1981-"2013
Hellman Matilda Finland -
Högberg Hjördis Sweden Alcohol Consumption among partners of pregnant women in Sweden
Holmes John Evidence and expert judgement in setting low risk drinking guidelines
Hope Ann Ireland Alcohol screening in health care settings: How the public view it?
Howell Simon South Africa -
Huckle Taisia New Zealand Restriction of alcohol outlet trading hours to reduce alcohol-related harm in New Zealand.
Ibanga Akanidomo The experience of harm from other people's drinking: Data from a Nigeria sample
Jääskeläinen Marke Finland Fragility of families with parental substance abuse – the risk of family dissolution
Jackson Nicki New Zealand Differential effects of neighbourhood type on adolescent alcohol use
Jaichuen Nongnuch Thailand Sport lovers, do they drink more?
Jenkinson Rebecca Australia Big night of boozing: Investigating event-level relationships between young people's high-risk alcohol consumption and experience of harm.
Joordens Chantele Canada Evidence based planning of alcohol and other drug treatment services in British Columbia (BC)
Kamenderi Morris Kenya Concurrent polydrug use among alcohol users in Kenya: Patterns, correlates and consequences
Kaplan Lauren United States An Examination of the Associations between Early Life Victimization, Injunctive Drinking Norms, and Alcohol's Harm from Others in the 2010 US National Alcohol Survey.
Karjalainen Karoliina Finland Studying trends of polydrug use in general population: Variation of the prevalence by measurements
Karlsson Nina Finland -
Katainen Anu Finland A content analytical grid for assessing whether alcohol ads are appealing to minors
Kerr-Correa Florence Brazil Harm to others by people under the influence of alcohol in São Paulo City, Brazil: Preliminary results
Kheokao Jantima Thailand Alcohol Product Placement on Online Social Media in Thailand
Kim Kwang Kee A trend of alcohol attributable morbidity over 10 years in Korea
Kim Kwang Kee Korea, Republic of Alcohol Affordability, Per-capita consumption and mortality in Korea, 2000-2013
Kittipong Rueanthip Thailand Partial ban on alcohol advertising and beer consumption in Thailand
Klingemann Harald Switzerland Wet places, harm reduction and politics
Klingemann Justyna Poland (Controlled) drinking like a Pole? Perception of non-abstinence outcomes among Polish treatment providers.
Koerkel Joachim Germany Alcoholism, treatment, and public health: From abstinence fixation to person-centered care
Koning Ina Netherlands A different view on parenting: A pilot study on the role of implicit and explicit parenting processes in adolescents' drinking behavior.
Kramer Teresa United States Youth with Alcohol and Other Drug Disorders: Factors Associated with Treatment Utilization
Kraus Ludwig Germany Prevalence of substance use disorder. A question of definition?
Kuntsche Emmanuel Switzerland Alcohol Expectancies among Preschoolers
Kuntsche Sandra Switzerland When work demands overshadow family obligations: What effect on alcohol use?
Kuussaari Kristiina Finland Administrative integration: neither sufficient, nor necessary for good services Experiences from a reform of mental health care and substance abuse treatment (SUT) in Finland
Kypri Kypros Australia A taxonomy of alcohol harm countermeasures
Labhart Florian Switzerland The Youth@Night App: Development and evaluation of a smartphone application for collecting event-level data on young adults' nightlife behaviors
Landberg Jonas Sweden What factors explain socioeconomic inequalities in alcohol-related hospitalizations? A prospective cohort study
Laslett Anne-Marie Australia A multi-country study of harms to children because of others' drinking
Lemmens Paul Netherlands Do drinking age limits influence adolescents in their drinking and the way they access alcohol? An international comparison study between the Netherlands and New Zealand
Li Jessica United Kingdom Understanding variation in alcohol consumption estimates: a comparison of sub-group specific alcohol consumption distributions across four English population-based surveys.
Lightowlers Carly United Kingdom -
Lima Maria Brazil Beliefs and perceptions of alcohol use by women in Cape Verde: a qualitative study in Achada Fazenda
Livingston Michael Australia Understanding trends in Australian alcohol consumption - an age, period, cohort model
Livingston Wulf United Kingdom Not from a book – social workers understanding of alcohol
Lovatt Melanie The influences on the characteristics of drinking occasions in the United Kingdom
Lundkvist Björn Sweden -
Maffli Etienne Switzerland Multiple substance use including alcohol among patients attending treatment for substance-related problems in Switzerland
Mäkelä Pia Finland Come on, have a drink – the prevalence and cultural logic of social pressure to drink more
Marcassa Tucci Adriana Brazil Brief intervention for alcohol related problems among college students and the correlation with anxiety in a public university in Brazil
Maron Julian Germany Differences in substance use by occupational situation among adults in Germany
Matos Elena Germany Does a change over all equal a change in all? Testing for polarized alcohol use within and across educational levels in Germany
Mattick Richard Australia Parental supply of alcohol and alcohol consumption in adolescence: Prospective cohort study
Mattisson Cecilia Sweden Mortality in alcohol use disorder in the Lundby Community Cohort-A 50 year follow-up
Mawditt Claire United Kingdom Clustering health behaviours in two British birth cohort studies.
Meerkerk Gert-Jan Netherlands Determinants of relapse using a four-dimensional framework of recovery
Meier Petra United Kingdom Gender differences in responses to alcohol pricing policies: a modelling study
Merrill Jennifer United States Alcohol Consequences in Their Own Words: A Qualitative Examination among Young Adult Drinkers
Miller Brenda A United States Club patrons overuse of alcohol and use of drugs: Identifying observable predictors
Mohr Cynthia United States Alcohol use and motivations among U.S. military veterans and spouses
Mooney John United Kingdom Investigating local policy drivers for alcohol harm prevention: a comparative case study of two local authorities in England
Moore Simon United Kingdom All-Wales licensed premises intervention (AWLPI): A randomised controlled trial of an intervention to reduce alcohol-related violence
Morojele Neo South Africa Alcohol marketing and adolescent alcohol consumption: results from the International Alcohol Control (IAC) study: South Africa
Moskalewicz Jacek Poland Onset of alcohol use disorders versus onset of other common mental disorders
Natera Guillermina Mexico Are all crack users the same? An Ethnographic Study in Mexico City
Nel Elmarie South Africa Challenges experienced while conducting the International Alcohol Control Study (IAC) in Tshwane, South Africa
Noel Jonathan United States Associations between Viewers’ Membership in a Vulnerable Population and Alcohol Ad Perception
Norström Thor Sweden Socio-economic status and young people's drinking behaviour and alcohol-related harm
OBrien Kerry Alcohol advertising in sport and non-sport TV in Australia, during children’s viewing times
O'Donovan Derry Ireland Alcohol Consumption: Does the apple fall far from the tree?
Öjesjö Leif Sweden -
Oksanen Atte Finland Consumption of wine with meals: A Finnish Study on negative and positive outcomes
Okwarah Patrick Kenya Prevalence and factors associated with alcohol use among underage high-school students in Murang'a and Kajiado Counties,Kenya
Osterberg Esa Finland Ciders and long drinks into groceries in Finland in 1995
Parker Robert Nash United States -
Paschall Mallie United States -
Pennay Amy Australia Alcohol, (non)consumption and selfhood: An analysis of “Hello Sunday Morning” blog posts
Petrilli Enrico Italy Move beyond the nature vs culture dichotomy. Introducing Actor-network theory.
Pham V Cuong Viet Nam International Alcohol Control Study: Alcohol consumption in Vietnam
Piontek Daniela Germany "This treatment can really help me" - A longitudinal analysis of treatment readiness and its predictors in patients undergoing alcohol and drug rehabilitation treatment
Pisarska Agnieszka Poland Substance and non-substance addictive behaviours among Warsaw students
Pridemore William Alex United States Introducing a gravity potential measure of alcohol availability
Rahav Giora Israel Some Country-level Correlates of the Consequences of Alcohol Consumption
Railton Renee New Zealand -
Raitasalo Kirsimarja Finland Changing response to underage drinking in Finland: Parenting practices and alcohol policies
Ramstedt Mats Sweden Harm from drinking of family and friends - a Nordic comparative study
Raninen Anna Sweden -
Raninen Jonas Sweden To drink or not to drink - a study on the association between rates of non-drinkers and per drinker mean alcohol consumption in a population
Ransome Yusuf United States Explaining racial inequalities in the association between alcohol use disorders and health among women: When the usual suspects don't predict.
Raudne Riina Estonia Somebody should do something: local government officials' perceptions of opportunities and barriers to implementing alcohol policy changes at municipal level in Estonia.
Rehm Jurgen Canada Redefinition of alcohol addiction as heavy drinking over time: Implications for brief interventions and treatment
Reitan Therese Sweden Trendsetters or laggards? Changes in smoking habits among pregnant women.
Retat Lise United Kingdom Microsimulation modelling to estimate the future health and cost burden of alcohol consumption in England to 2025
Robaina Katherine United States The influence of industry actions on the availability of alcoholic beverages in the African Region
Robertson Inger Norway The process of recovery from problems underlying AOD addiction: Treatment support and its role in the process of chaining practises.
Roman Maria Francisca United Kingdom Adolescent binge drinking in Chile: Does it matter which school they go to?
Roodbeen Ruud Netherlands Alcohol sales to underage buyers in supermarkets; Can the use of age verification systems increase seller’s compliance?
Room Robin Australia Drinking and culture: looking below the culture as a whole
Rossow Ingeborg Norway Socio-economic status and young people's drinking behaviour and alcohol related harm
Sadler Susannah United Kingdom Comparing health condition-specific socioeconomic gradients in alcohol-related harm between the four UK countries
Saltz Bob United States University student drinking and adverse events: a bi-national comparison
Samuelsson Eva Sweden Negotiating service user involvement in practice: Strategies among service users and care providers in substance abuse treatment
Schoppa Andreas Germany -
Schulte Bernd Germany Meta-analysis on the effectiveness of alcohol screening and brief interventions for patients in emergency care settings
Selbekk Anne Schanche Norway Relational recovery: experiences with alcohol and drug treatment from the dual perspective of patient and family member
Sellman Doug New Zealand -
Shorter Gillian United Kingdom -
Simon Roland Portugal Harm reduction for cannabis and alcohol in the EU: where similarities start and where they end?
Simonen Jenni Finland Trusting or misleading? Parents' and children's interaction around alcohol issues described by adolescents
Smit Koen Netherlands Drinking motives moderate the effect of the social environment on alcohol use: An event-level study among young adults
Snowden Aleksandra United States Alcohol outlets, social disorganization, and robberies: Accounting for neighborhood characteristics and alcohol outlet types
Sornpaisarn Bundit Thailand Political aspects in the legislative process of the first Thai Alcohol Control Act
Stafström Martin Sweden The influence of school environment on Swedish adolescent alcohol use
Stenius Kerstin Finland -
Stockwell Tim Canada Assessing the impacts Saskatchewan's minimum alcohol-pricing legislation on crime
Storbjörk Jessica Sweden A study of service user involvement in practice in Swedish addiction treatment: The meaning and importance of involvement according to service users and staff
Storvoll Elisabet E. Norway Experienced Harm from Other People's Drinking: A Cross-Country Comparison
Studer Joseph Switzerland Substance use in Swiss young men: The interplay of perceived social support and personality
Sulkunen Pekka Finland Addiction -" a non-medical concept of social control
Sulma Adrienne United States We are not powerless: A communal approach to college based alcohol preventions
Sundin Erica Sweden Onset of harm from others' drinking - findings from a one-year follow-up study in Sweden
Svensson Johan Sweden Alcohol consumption and gambling among Swedish adolescents - do those who gamble drink more?
Swahn Monica United States Examining Geospatial Features of Alcohol Advertisements across Four Slums in Kampala, Uganda: Developing an Environmental Scan Protocol
Sznitman Sharon Israel Normalization theory or the multiple risk factor model: Which better describes temporal changes in adolescent drunkenness?
Törrönen Jukka Sweden The motives of drinking and their connection to intoxication: How drinking is justified in Finland in the 2000s?
Torun Perihan Turkey Challenges of planning alcohol research in a non-drinking culture: Turkish example
Tumwesigye Nazarius Mbona Uganda How strong is the relationship between alcohol consumption and injury among commercial Motorcycle riders? Evidence from a matched case control study in Kampala
Uhl Alfred Austria Higher alcohol vulnerability in women - a classical Simpson's paradox?
Umoh Okokon Nigeria Sensation-seeking and marital satisfaction as factors in maternal alcohol use
Vallance Kate Canada Partying last weekend: Factors related to binge drinking among people who use club drugs
van de Mheen Dike Netherlands Substance use among Dutch homeless people, a follow-up study: Prevalence, pattern and housing status
Vogt Irmgard Germany Women and alcohol-related problems: Treatment recommendations according to the German S3-guidelines
Voogt Carmen Netherlands Measuring Alcohol Exposure by means of the Electronic Appropriate Beverage Task – A Validation Study among 4- to 8-Year Olds in the Netherlands
Wandera Bonnie -
Ward Bernadette Australia Principals' reports of adults' alcohol use in Australian secondary schools
Weitzman Elissa United States Alcohol and Marijuana Use and Risks for Treatment Non-Adherence Among Medically Vulnerable Youth
Wettlaufer Ashley Canada Can a label help me drink more responsibly? A review of the evidence on standard drink labelling
Wicki Matthias Switzerland Psycho-social interventions after hospital admission for alcoholic intoxication: A systematic review
Wilkinson Claire Australia Participation and representation in liquor licensing: Victoria's former "dry" areas and licensing reform in the mid-1950s.
Wilsnack Sharon United States -
Witvorapong Nopphol Thailand "No Alcohol during Buddhist Lent": An evaluation of community-based interventions under a national social marketing campaign
Woodall Gill United States Results of a randomized trial of web-based RBS training: WayToSell&Serve
Yunusa Mufutau Nigeria Does use of alcohol relate to nurses' rank in alcohol tolerating and alcohol non tolerating societies? - A case controlled study
Zhao Jinhui Canada Prostate cancer and alcohol consumption: A meta–analysis
Zimmermann Ulrich Germany Long-term outcomes in young adults with a history of adolescent alcohol-related in-patient treatment for alcohol intoxication

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