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Abderhalden Irene Switzerland -
Adamo Domenico Italy Alcohol consumption in elderly people: use or abuse?
Ahlström Salme Finland Alcohol-related mortality and morbidity among elderly finnish population. A growing alcohol policy problem?
Allamani Allaman Italy Prevention Alcohol Policies and Unplanned Determinants related to Alcohol Consumption Changes in Europe (1960s-2000s)
Allouche Eric Denmark Drug and alcohol counseling on the internet
Andersson Maria Sweden Antisocial youth in secure unit care – a study of how gender interact with class and ethnic background in relation to different problem areas.
Annaheim Beatrice Switzerland -
Antin Tamar United States Investigating the relationship between alcohol use, body image, and body mass index for young adults in the United States
Arz de Falco Andrea Switzerland -
Audenaerdt Miranda Netherlands -
Axelsson Sohlberg Tove Sweden Drinking patterns and the role of smokeless nicotine*
Babor Thomas United States An Evaluation of the US Beer Institute’s Self-regulation Code Governing the Content of Beer Advertising
Barnes Gordon E. Canada Episodic Heavy Drinking Patterns and Predictors in a Canadian Youth Sample
Beccaria Franca Italy Alcohol and generations. Italian & Finnish drinking culture as a paradigm of drinking changes.
Bekmuradov Dennis Canada Limitations of Existing Studies Estimating Cost of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Berends Lynda Australia Providing appropriate care for hospital patients with alcohol problems
Bernhardsson Josefin Sweden -
Blomqvist Jan Sweden Beliefs about addiction and recovery. Who believes what?
Bloomfield Kim Denmark Gateway Revisited - Testing the Effects of Antecedent Cannabis Use on Tobacco and Risky Alcohol Use in Danish Longitudinal Study
Bogren Alexandra Sweden Gender, alcohol and psychotropics in the Swedish media: a discourse analysis of newspaper debate from the 21st century
Bolstad Anne Norway Alcohol related parental rules and binge drinking among adolescents. The inluence of parent child communication.
Bond Jason United States A Multi-Country Study of Variation in the Relationship Between Alcohol Consumption and Alcohol-Related Problems: Results from the GENACIS Project
Booth Brenda United States Alcohol Consequences and Rape History in US Women Veterans
Bosma Linda United States Taking Research to Practice: Experiences of a County-wide Coalition Implementing Evidence Based Programming
Brache Kristina Canada Drinking Patterns and Risk Behaviours Associated with Combined Alcohol and Energy Drink Consumption
Bundit Sornpaisarn Thailand Alcohol Taxation Method that can decrease alcohol consumption and prevent new drinkers simultaneously: Thailand’s experience
Bye Elin K. Norway -
Chaiyasong Chutimaporn Thailand -
Chaiyasong Surasak Thailand Potential impacts of taxation models in controlling alcohol consumption and related harms: Implications and challenges for alcohol taxation system in Thailand
Cherpitel Cheryl United States Risk of Injury from Substance Use: A Case-Crossover Study in Two Canadian Emergency Departments
Chopra Anita India Association between parental and offspring’s alcohol use – community data from India
Christen Nirina Switzerland -
Coghill Nikki United Kingdom Can we afford the cost of drinking too much? Alcohol-related mortality& morbidity in the UK
Connor Jennie New Zealand Alcohol outlet density, levels of drinking and alcohol-related harm in New Zealand: a national study
Costa Daniel Brazil Prevalence of hazardous alcohol use (binge drinking) among high school students of a Brazilian town
Cunningham John Canada Normative misperceptions about alcohol use in a general population sample
Daeppen Jean-Bernard Switzerland -
Dale Caroline United Kingdom Unemployment and life-course alcohol trajectory membership in the National Child Development Study (British 1958 cohort)
Dawson Deborah United States An empirical approach to evaluating the validity of alternative low-risk drinking guidelines
Delgrande Jordan Marina Switzerland -
Demant Jakob Denmark -
Devos-Comby Loraine United States Promoting guidelines for moderate drinking: Experimental test of brief communications
Dietze Paul Australia Who suggests drinking less? Demographic and national differences in informal social controls on drinking
Dobler Sabine Switzerland -
Drabble Laurie United States Collaboration between addiction treatment and child welfare fields: A Canadian Context
Egerer Michael Finland Consequences of alcoholism – A focus group study of Finnish and French general practitioners
Elekes Zsuzsanna Hungary -
Elmeland Karen Denmark From big brother to big mother: Parents as new participants in adolescences´ party-life
Engels Rutger Netherlands Effects of Implicit Measures of Alcohol Associations on Alcohol Consumption in Ad Lib Drinking Situations
Enoksen Espen Andreas Norway How to Build a Treatment System focusing on Continuity of Care - and some Important Obstacles – Lessons from Western Norway
Ferris Jason Australia Social network of heavy drinkers: How many drinkers do you need to know before one is a problem for you?
Fjær Svanaug Norway Implementation as translational processes
Fynbo Lars Denmark Heavy consumption and drink driving – A qualitative analysis of edgework among younger drink drivers
Gandin Claudia Italy -
Garretsen Henk Netherlands -
Gaume Jacques Switzerland -
Gell Lucy United Kingdom The nature and strength of the relationship between expenditure on alcohol and food
Ghirini Silvia Italy Youth at risk: the Italian project "The Pilot”
Giesbrecht Norman Canada 'Please drink responsibly' - A comparison of social drinking indicators and low-risk drinking guidelines
Gmel Gerhard Switzerland -
Graf Michel Switzerland -
Graham Kathryn Canada Environmental Risk Factors Associated with Barroom “Hotpsots”
Greenaway Sarah New Zealand Exploring the relationship between a liberalised alcohol environment and secondary supply: Findings from a qualitative study in New Zealand.
Greenfield Thomas K. United States Alcohol Harms, Pressure to Drink Less and Considering Seeking Help: A Cross-National Multilevel GENACIS Analysis
Grittner Ulrike Germany Alcohol consumption and social inequality at individual and country level: Results from the Genacis Study
Grube Joel United States Television in the Bedroom, Drinking, Smoking, and Drug Use among American Adolescents
Hagen Ruth Switzerland -
Hellman Matilda Finland Meaning-making of drinking in beer commercials by adolescents from five European countries
Hettige Siri Sri Lanka Public policy and alcohol in Sri Lanka: Rhetoric and reality
Holmila Marja Finland Invisible victims or competent agents: opinions and ways of coping among children of problem drinking parents
Hughes Tonda United States CSA severity as a potential factor in heightened risk for hazardous drinking: A comparison of lesbian and heterosexual women
Huhtanen Petri Finland How do drinkers rationalise and regulate their drinking?
Hunt Geoffrey United States Binge drinking, ethnicity, gender and asian american youth
Ibanga Akanidomo United Kingdom A Cross-National Comparison of Sexual Victimization, Alcohol Consumption and Partner Aggression
Inglin Sophie Switzerland -
Iversen Erik Norway The impact of alcohol outcome expectancies and drinking refusal self-efficacy on the frequency of drinking, inebriation and alcohol-related problems among 8th and 10th graders
Jansson S. Mikael Canada Getting Drunk: Navigating the relationship between initiation of drinking and problem drinking
Juberg Anne Norway Tendency - tentative- intention: Establishing a reflective concept on indicated prevention.
Kairouz Sylvia Canada Co-occurring substance use: An analysis of risk profiles among university students
Karlsson Thomas Finland Cross-border trade in alcohol - Not just a Nordic problem
Kelk Mikael Denmark -
Kerr William United States Per capita alcohol consumption and IHD mortality in a panel of US states from 1950 to 2002
Kleinjan Marloes Netherlands -
Klingemann Harald Switzerland -
Knibbe Ronald Netherlands -
Kobin Maarja Estonia -
Koch Ursula Switzerland -
Koordeman Renske Netherlands Effects of alcohol cues in movies on young adults alcohol drinking while watching a movie: Do we act upon what we see?
Koski-Jännes Anja Finland Perceptions of addictions in relation to other societal problems in Canada, Sweden, Finland and Russia
Kraus Ludwig Germany -
Kristjanson Arlinda United States -
Kuendig Hervé Switzerland Regional bans on tobacco sales to minors in Switzerland: a missed opportunity?
Kuntsche Emmanuel Switzerland Using the Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) Technology in Alcohol Research – A Feasibility Study
Kuntsche Sandra Switzerland -
Kuusisto Katja Finland Clients’ pre-treatment expectations on treatment and self-efficacy: Impact on retention and effectiveness in outpatient substance abuse treatment
Labhart Florian Switzerland -
Landolt Sara Switzerland Conceptualizing urban drinking spaces: what are we talking about by “drinking settings”, “places” and “locations”?
Lange James E. United States The private diaries of collegiate natural drinking groups: A look at group formation, structure and continuity
Laslett Anne-Marie Australia Measuring alcohol related child maltreatment in Australian families using survey and system data
Lemmens Paul Netherlands -
Leppo Anna Finland Policies regarding alcohol use during pregnancy in Finland and Denmark
Li Qing United States Utilization of Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) among Chinese subpopulations: A literature review
Lie Terje Norway -
Litau John Germany ‘Binge Drinking Identities’ – Identity Constructions of Young People in Processes of Binge Drinking
Livingston Michael Australia ‘Polarisation’: how can diverging trends in alcohol consumption and harm be explained?
Lloyd Belinda Australia Drinking cultures and social occasions: Alcohol harms in the context of major public holidays, sporting and cultural events
Lucas Barbara Switzerland Social Policy Formulation in a Dualistic Public Sphere: The European Union, the World Health Organization and the Alcohol Question
Maffli Etienne Switzerland -
Mäkelä Pia Finland Has the boozing Finn been tamed? Changes in the relationships between drinking, intoxication and alcohol-related harm in Finland in the past 40 years.
Maksymenko Kateryna Ukraine Role of alcohol abuse as a mediator of HIV risk behavior among female sex workers (FSWs) in Ukraine
Månsson Elinor Sweden -
Mares Suzanne Netherlands Parental Problematic Alcohol use and Alcohol-Specific attitudes, Alcohol-Specific Communication and Adolescent Problematic Drinking
Matthews Sharon Australia Attitudes to drinking among abstainers, frequent and heavy episodic drinkers: findings from the Australian GENACIS study
McCambridge Jim United Kingdom Does simply answering questions on drinking behaviour introduce bias in trials? A systematic review
Meier Petra United Kingdom A Research Agenda for Alcohol Marketing
van de Mheen Dike Netherlands The use of doping substances among the general population: prevalence figures and backgrounds
Midanik Lorraine United States Missed and Misclassification – 30 day versus 12-month alcohol consumption measures: Results from the 2005 US National Alcohol Survey
van Mierlo Trevor Canada If you build it, they won’t come: Internet-based Interventions for problem drinkers and the need for consistent promotion and public awareness
Mihaylova Tsvetelina Canada Internet gambling and Alcohol Use among University Students: The Case of Poker Players
Moan Inger Synnøve Norway Alcohol intoxication on the road and at sea: Perceived accident risk and concern of accident involvement among male drivers
Mohr Cynthia United States Daily Mood-drinking Slopes Predicting Alcohol Outcomes among US Heavy Drinkers
Molero Yasmina Sweden Violent, non-violent and substance-related offending in a clinical cohort of adolescent girls and boys with misuse problems
Montanari Linda Portugal Stimulant use and different users’ groups among clients entering drug treatment in Europe
Moriconi Pascale-Audrey Canada -
Moskalewicz Jacek Poland Social support for alcohol policy. Literature review
Mugavin Janette Australia Service use because of others' drinking
Müller Richard Switzerland -
Müller Stefanie Germany Exposure to second hand smoke and smoking behaviour in the general population before and after the introduction of smoke-free laws in Germany: a propensity score analysis
Munne Myriam Argentina -
Mutaawe Rogers Uganda Monitoring the Adverse Effects of Informal Alcohol in Uganda.
Nemeth Zsofia Hungary Assessing drinking motives in a recreational setting. Why do young Hungarian adults drink at a festival?
Neramitpitagkul Prapag Thailand -
Nesvåg Sverre Norway Time as a dimension in the daily life of substance abusers
Norstrom Thor Sweden Curbing adolescent heavy drinking to reduce alcohol problems in adulthood: A sound strategy?
Nygaard Peter Norway Barriers to implementing screening and brief interventions in general practice: Findings from a qualitative study in Norway
O'Brien Kerry United Kingdom Receipt of alcohol industry and non-alcohol industry sponsorship and sportspeople’s drinking.
Oksanen Atte Finland A Thousand Plateaus of Drinking and Doing Drugs: Towards a Deleuzean Theory of Addiction
Ostafin Brian United States Mindfulness moderates the relation between automatic alcohol motivation and problem drinking
Österberg Esa Finland Alcohol taxes in European Union
Østergaard Jeanette Denmark A mixed methods study of the different pathways to illegal drug use among young Danes
Otten Roy Netherlands The link between early disruptive behavior, peer experiences, and adolescent alcohol use: testing four theoretical models
Pabst Alexander Germany Age, period, and cohort effects on time trends in alcohol consumption in the German adult general population
Pape Hilde Norway -
Paradis Catherine Canada A mediational model of the relationship between the parental role and heavy drinking among Canadian adult drinkers: the influence of drinking locations
Parker Robert Nash United States The Alcohol and Assault Comparative Research Project: Availability and Assault in Ireland and the United States
Paschall Mallie United States Protective Behavioral Strategies, Drinking Locations and Drinking Consequences Among First-Year College Students
Peele Stanton United States Globalization and Its Discontents: The Advantages of Southern Drinking, and Those Who Disdain Them
Pisarska Agnieszka Poland Over-the-counter medicine and other drug use among Warsaw adolescents
Popova Svetlana Canada Methodology for Estimating the Economic Impact of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Pridemore William Alex United States Alcohol outlets and community levels of interpersonal violence: Spatial density, type of outlet, and seriousness of assault
Rahav Giora Israel Adverse Consequences of Drinking:A Country-Level Analysis
Ramstedt Mats Sweden Are changes in population drinking collective in Sweden? An analysis of the decline in consumption for the period 2004-2009
Ravn Signe Denmark -
Rehm Jürgen Canada -
Ringwalt Chris United States The utility of keg registration laws: a cross-sectional study
Risselada Anneke Netherlands Co-occurrence of substance use and problem gambling in the Netherlands
Robertson Inger Eide Norway Adolescents and drinking in Contemporary Society. Understanding youth and their drinking patterns
Roeg Diana Netherlands Feasibility of routine outcome measurement in public mental healthcare: exploring the influence of healthcare program characteristics
Rogers Kasirye Uganda The Intricate of Alcohol marketing in a Developing world; Acase for Uganda.
Roiblatt Rachel United States -
Room Robin Australia Patterns of informal pressure to drink less or more: a cross-national comparison
Rooney James United States Changes in per capita alcohol consumption and in alcoholic beverage preferences in Western Europe, 1963-2003
Rossi Alessandra Italy Alcohol attributable mortality in Italy
Rossow Ingeborg Norway Early onset of heavy episodic drinking and elevated risks of psycho-social problems in young adulthood
Sømhovd Mikael Julius Norway -
Sagvaag Hildegunn Norway Life story of youths - reflections on the help of treatment
Samuelsson Eva Sweden Professional perceptions of substance use and misuse in the Swedish treatment system – methodological considerations on a factorial survey approach
Sand Rasmus Norway -
Schelleman-Offermans Karen Netherlands Do motives predict drinking? A full crossed-lagged model of drinking motives and adolescent alcohol use.
Scherer Gabriela Switzerland -
Schlaefli Katrin Switzerland -
Schoenmakers Tim Netherlands Binge drinking on the internet? The coincidence of online and offline risky behavior; what does it say?
Seabrook Rachel United Kingdom Affordability of Alcohol: A New Measure
Selbekk Anne Schanche Norway -
Shield Kevin Canada Measuring alcohol consumption in the Canadian Alcohol and Drug Use Monitoring Survey (CADUMS)
De Silva Prasantha Sri Lanka Relationship of age and gender with alcohol use disorders and high risk drinking patterns in the developed and developing countries: A neglected issue?
Simonen Jenni Finland In control or out of control. The discourse on intoxication among young Finnish men and women in the 1980s and 2000s
Slade Tim Australia Assessing the dimensionality of lifetime DSM-IV alcohol use disorders and a quantity-frequency alcohol use criterion in the Australian population: a factor mixture modelling approach
Smith Gillian United Kingdom Establishing the role of illicit drug use in the association between alcohol use patterns and psychological status
Spijkerman Renske Netherlands The impact of alcohol price on alcohol-induced changes in psychomotor performance, social enhancement and affect
Steiner Silvia Switzerland -
Sten Nielsen Per Denmark -
Stenius Kerstin Sweden Nordic exclusion: heavy drinkers and the local community in Finland and Sweden 1935-2000
Stockwell Tim Canada The basis for Canada’s new low risk drinking guidelines: a relative risk approach to estimating hazardous levels and patterns of alcohol use
Storvoll Elisabet E Norway Changes in Norwegian public opinion on alcohol policy 20052009
Sulkunen Pekka Finland Alcohol, Population and The Public Good. The Public Health Perspective in Alcohol Control Policy
Svensson Johan Sweden Is juvenile alcohol consumption contingent of parental alcohol habits and social position?
Tahboub-Schulte Sabrina United Arab Emirates Mental health, socio-economic position and drinking patterns in the UK National Child Development Study
Tempesta Enrico Italy -
Teunissen Hanneke Netherlands Popular peers and adolescents’ drinking attitudes: An experimental chat-room study
Thamarangsi Thaksaphon Thailand -
Thompson Kara Canada A “standard joint”? The role of quantity in predicting cannabis-related harm
Tigerstedt Christoffer Finland How much do we suffer from other people’s drinking?
Törrönen Jukka Sweden Alcohol in the advertisements of Swedish women’s magazines from the 1960s to the 2000s
Trocki Karen United States Comparison of contexts of drinking among young adults in five countries
Tumwesigye Nazarius Mbona Uganda Cluster effects in alcohol consumption models
Vallance Kate Canada Alcohol and other drug monitoring in the emergency department: Methodology and design issues
van der Zwaluw Carmen Netherlands Genes x friends' alcohol use interactions on adolescent drinking
Vogt Irmgard Germany Senior Drug Dependents in Germany: Review of their life situation
Waleewong Orratai Thailand Influence of parental norms and behaviours on youth drinking in Thailand
Waters Elizabeth United Kingdom Soviet satire on drink and drunkenness: An evidence-based humour?
Wicki Matthias Switzerland Changes in hospital admissions for alcoholic intoxications after policy changes
Wilkinson Claire Australia “..if I'd known what it was like on Fridays and Saturdays, I'd never have moved here."* Distances to alcohol outlets and experiences of alcohol-related public amenity problems.
Wilsnack Richard United States -
Wilsnack Sharon United States -
Windlin Béat Switzerland Do you like what you (have to) do with your parents? Impact of frequency and enjoyment of joint family activities on adolescent substance use and violence
Wißmann Christian Germany You can`t binge like that! A qualitative comparative analysis of drinking cultures among Danish and German young adults.
Wongwatanakul Weranuch Thailand Alcohol outlet density and consumption and related harms in low drinking prevalence country: Thailand

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