Klaus Mäkelä

Robin Room: Klaus Mäkelä, 1939–2013: a socially committed scholar, an inspiring research leader, published in Addiction (Volume 109, Issue 9, pages 1564–1565)


Juha Partanen

Christoffer Tigerstedt and Pekka Hakkarainen: Juha Partanen (1936–2013), published in Addiction (Volume 109, Issue 7, pages 1207–1208)
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Kaye Fillmore
Ron Roizen: Kaye Middleton Fillmore, 1941–2013, published in Addiction (Volume 108, Issue 8, pages 1512–1514, publication authorized)


Ole-Jørgen Skog
Ingeborg Rossow, Sturla Nordlund and Astrid Skretting: Ole-Jørgen Skog, 1946–2006: an intellectual giant (Addiction– Volume 102, Issue 5, pages 825–826).
Thor Norström: Ole-Jørgen Skog: an appreciation from a Swedish colleague (Addiction– Volume 102, Issue 5, pages 826)


Martin Plant
Henk Garretsen obituary read at the 37th KBS – Melbourne, Australia