Alcohol’s Harm to Others Workshop

28 May, 12.15-13.30 Board room 2

Please contact Sharon Wilsnack ( ) or Anne-Marie Laslett ( ).


The Decline in Youth Drinking - Towards an International Research Agenda

29 May, 12.00-13.30 Board room 2

Levels of youth alcohol consumption are declining across most high income nations and researchers are increasingly turning their attention to analysing and explaining this phenomenon. Large-scale research projects and journal articles are emerging from KBS attendees in several countries. Sessions on this topic at recent KBS conferences have also been well-attended and have generated substantial debate. The proposed workshop aims to build on this by:

  • Identifying large and small research projects being undertaken internationally;
  • Taking stock of the on-going work current state of knowledge on this topic;
  • Exploring interest in and potential models for international collaboration (e.g. following the IGSAHO harm to others model).

All KBS delegates are welcome to attend. A buffet lunch will be provided but please register at the link below so that we can ensure sufficient space and catering.

Register at:


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