KBS Football game

It began in Kampala, at the lush Speke resort, in 2013. The first KBS footballers were barefoot, undeterred by the tropical sun, coarse grass, and spiky palm fronds. The game was played in free-flowing African style and the participants gave their soles to it, some literally!

Then to the cauldron of Torino 2014, where the Squadra Bianca made a late comeback and prevailed after penalties. At the award ceremony, their bruised but happy Capitano explained: “We play the beautiful game for love. The jam jar lids are a bonus”.

In Munich 2015, the game was played within a psychiatric hospital on Nussbaum Strasse (who said Germans don’t have a sense of humour!). The Reds captain pronounced the favourable result a victory of experience and guile (Superego) over youthful exuberance (Id).

What will happen in Stockholm 2016? Please come to play or watch and be part of the KBS Football (hi)story.


*Everyone is welcome*. We’ll form teams when we arrive and work it out as we go. Even if you do not wish to play, it will surely be entertaining to watch (comical perhaps).

When: Tuesday 31 May, at 17:45, finishing around 19:00.

Where: On the grassy place outside the conference venue.

What to bring: Soft shoes and a red AND/OR a white shirt if you can.

The Self-appointed KBS 2016 Football Committee



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