Situated on the water, built up of 14 islands connected by 57 bridges, Stockholm lies in the Swedish archipelagos beautiful nature. Stockholm is an easy to love city with something for everyone. Stockholm is a melting pot for innovation, trending restaurants, fashion, and nature and of course centuries of history and knowledge. With a wide range of sightseeing and activities here are some recommendations on what to do when in Stockholm. For many more ideas and information visit:


ABBA The Museum

Experience the music, the costumes, the dancing of ABBA, one of Sweden's most famous music bands in an unforgettable museum experience. Read more.


An outdoor museum about Sweden over the last five centuries. See the buildings from then and now and learn about the culture from north to south. Skansen is also a park with lots of activities like seasonal markets and traditional celebrations. Not to mention that from Skansen you will find one of the most stunning views over all of Stockholm. Read more.

The Vasa Museum 

(One of the optional Social Tours organized by KBS 2016 on June 1st)

The Vasa ship is the only preserved ship from the 17th century in the world, she sunk on her maiden trip in 1628 and was raised from the sea in 1961. A museum has been built around the ship, with its masts peeking through the ceilings- a true piece of history. Read more.


See some of the world's finest photography exhibitions. Read more.

The Army Museum

See and learn about times of Peace and War, learn about the Swedish army history, Read more.

The Stockholm City Museum

Learn about historical and current life in Stockholm and about its citizens then and now. Read more.

Tekniska museet

Have a fun day of Science at the technological museum where almost anything becomes possible. While there, make sure you watch some of the 3D films with special technological effects. Read more.

The Modern Museum

This is museum for art lovers. The museum holds a rich collection of modern works and also has some nice restaurants with a fantastic view of the city. Read more.

The Swedish History Museum

See exhibitions ranging from the Stone Age, to the Vikings and up until the middle ages. See and learn about treasures and stories hidden in the past. Read more.

The Nordic museum

The Nordic museum has unique exhibitions about life and work, trends and traditions. The museum also hosts the Nobel reception in the Blue Hall. A well worth visit. Read more.


There are many more interesting museums in Stockholm such as the Museum of natural history, Liljevalchs Art Hall etc. Here  are some more museum suggestions in Stockholm.


Other sights

The City Hall

(The KBS 2016 reception on Monday 30th May will be held here, City Hall can however also be visited again to see more of the extravagant building)

The City hall, crowned with three golden crowns at its top is an iconic building in Stockholm. This building is the home of festivities where for example the Nobel banquet is held in the Golden Hall. Read more.

The Old Town

(One of the optional Social Tours organized by KBS 2016 on June 1st)

Visit the oldest parts of Stockholm and wonder through the narrow cobblestone streets experiencing centuries of history. This is one of the most popular sights in Stockholm and is also the home of the Royal Palace, many fine restaurants and cozy cafes. Read more.

A trip to the Archipelago

Stockholm is known for being a city on the water. With ferryboats leaving the harbors every few minutes you will be able to visit some nearby island like Fjäderholmarna only a few minutes out at sea where you can have a wonderful meal and breathe in the fresh archipelago air. Read more.

Stockholm by Boat

You can choose to have a guided tour of the city by boat as Stockholm is made up of islands, these tours give you access to large parts of the most gorgeous parts of the city. Read more.


An essential part of understanding swedes and their culture is "Fika". Fika means to meet up with friends or colleagues to have coffee, tea and a traditional cinnamon bun or other cakes or pastries. You will quickly discover the hundreds of cafes around the city just for this purpose as it is a cornerstone in everyday life and Swedish culture. Here are some suggestions for fika-places:

A traditional and well known café with some of the best fika in town.

A lovely café in the middle of the Östermalm area nearby Stockholm's finest shopping.

A cavern like café in the old town lit by candles and torches. One of Stockholm's many gay friendly cafés.

Gildas rum
Cozy and unique, a lovely cafe on the heart of the Södermalm area.

Flickorna Helin Voltaire
Located in the beautiful park "Djurgården" this café has some of the finest baked goods in town.

Rosendals Trädgård
Located in the beautiful park "Djurgården" which is the kinds land. Have a summery Fika surrounded by rose bushes and greenery.



Some of the most appreciated shopping places in Stockholm are:

Nordiska Kompagniet (NK)

Mall of Scandinavia (The largest shopping mall in Scandinavia)


Two of the main shopping streets with many different stores are Biblioteksgatan and Drottningatan, both located near the City Centre.



Stockholm is known for having restaurants from all over the world and being the home of many famous chefs and restaurants. Here are some suggestions on some of the most well-known and popular restaurants in Stockholm.


Meatballs for the people

K25 (Food from all over the world under one roof)

Hermans (Vegetarian)

Flippin Burgers

Medium Price

Mellanders Fisk

Mälarpaviljongen (Outdoors)

Den Gyldene Freden


Strandbryggan (Outdoors)


Nosh and Chow

Fine dining


Mathias Dahlgrens restaurants: Matsalen (2 Michelin stars), Matbaren (1 Michelin star) and Matbordet

Oaxen Krog & Slip

Opera Källaren


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