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Adekeye Olujide Nigeria Exploration of the Relationship between Substance Use and Risky Sexual Behaviour among Secondary School Students in Nigeria.
Agoha Ben Nigeria Assessment of Health-related Locus of Control among Undergraduates Substance Users and Non-Users
Angus Colin United Kingdom Does your measure matter? A comparison of alcohol availability measures in Great Britain
Aresi Giovanni Italy Lifestyle in Mobility: preliminary results of a longitudinal mixed methods study on European study abroad students' risk behaviours
Arnarsson Arsaell Iceland Prevalence of Adolescent Alcohol- and Cannabis-use in Iceland 1995-2015
Assanangkornchai Sawitri Thailand A latent class regression model of health-risk behavior including alcohol, tobacco and drug use among Thai high school students
Babor Thomas United States Public Health Surveillance of Alcohol Marketing: An Evaluation of the LEAD Procedure
Baumeister Sebastian-Edgar Germany Alcohol consumption, heavy episodic drinking, smoking and cardiorespiratory fitness: findings from four population-based studies
Bell Steven United Kingdom Ten year alcohol consumption typologies and trajectories of C-reactive protein, interleukin-6, and interleukin-1 receptor antagonist over the following twelve years: a prospective cohort study
Bergmark Anders Sweden Evidence-based practice for alcohol and drug problems -" lost in translation?
Bergström Magdalena Sweden Middle age and elderly persons with long-term drinking problems and their understandings of their drinking
Bhattacharya Aveek United Kingdom How dependent is the alcohol industry in England on heavy drinking and how has this changed over time?
Blomqvist Jan Sweden Research on problematic alcohol consumption - are we still lost among the "fat words"?
Bloomfield Kim Denmark (Drinking) Cultures without Borders: A geographical analysis of drinking patterns and cultures in Denmark and Germany
Bogren Alexandra Sweden -
Borges Guilherme Mexico A meta-analysis of acute alcohol use and the risk of serious suicide attempt
Boson Karin Sweden Well-being, Mental Health Problems and Alcohol Experiences among Young Swedish Adolescents - A General Population Study
Bragg Joanna United Kingdom "It's My Life: Staying in Control" Multi-component school-based prevention to elicit adolescent behaviour change regarding alcohol consumption - a pilot study
Brennan Alan United Kingdom The Demand for Alcohol and Tobacco in the United Kingdom: Estimating Price Elasticities using Pseudo-Panel Methods
Britton Annie United Kingdom Twenty year trajectories of alcohol consumption during midlife and atherosclerotic thickening in early old age: findings from two British population cohort studies
Buller David United States What are marijuana regulators learning from alcohol regulations in the United States?
Buykx Penny United Kingdom Public awareness of the link between alcohol and cancer in England in 2015: A population-based survey
Bye Elin K. Norway Drinking with parents: Different measures – different associations with underage heavy drinking?
Callinan Sarah Australia Decreasing rates of social drinkers in Australia.
Casswell Sally New Zealand Current Status of Alcohol Marketing Policy
Chow Clifton Canada Counting the cold ones: Measuring total alcohol consumption of Managed Alcohol Program participants, a comparison of methods
Cisneros Örnberg Jenny Sweden -
Clapp John United States What is a Drinking Event? Toward a System Dynamic Conceptual Model
Connor Jennie New Zealand Concurrent use of alcohol and other drugs among university students: associations with anxiety, depression and risky sexual behaviour.
Contel Michele Italy Comparing National Surveys on youth alcohol use in Italy: a matter of convergence
Cooke Richard United Kingdom Patterns of alcohol use among university students in seven European countries: Data from the Consensus on ALcohol Indicators Between Researchers Across Transcontinental Europe (CALIBRATE) study.
Croff Julie United States Sex-Related Alcohol Expectancies: Examining Predictors & Condom Use in a General Population Sample
Cunningham John Australia A proposed repeated random sampling method for surveys focusing on date-specific differences in alcohol consumption among university students
d'Abbs Peter Australia Towards a sociological reconceptualization of the relationship between alcohol policies and alcohol-related harms among Indigenous Australians.
Davoren Martin Ireland Alcohol consumption among university students: A latent class analysis
de Visser Richard United Kingdom How does using glasses marked with UK alcohol units affect adherence to government guidelines?
Dietze Paul Australia Changes in peak consumption by young adult risky drinkers over the course of one year.
Dumas Jean Canada Building a community of practice to foster knowledge and collaboration within alcohol/other substance use and sexual health services: a literature review
Edman Johan Sweden -
Egan Matt United Kingdom Framing a UK alcohol licensing and public health policy for a commercial sector audience: qualitative analysis of trade press responses to Cumulative Impact Policies.
Emslie Carol United Kingdom "It comes down to this whole masculinity and femininity thing - gay men will drink the sweet and colourful drinks and lesbians will only drink pints of Guinness: Drinking and the construction of identity in LGBT people
Ferguson Amy Australia Alcohol social marketing campaigns on Facebook: Comparing two approaches
Ferris Jason Australia Alcohol-related assaults in Queensland, Australia: 2004 – 2014
Fitzgerald Niamh United Kingdom The influence of attitudes, biases and perceptions of evidence in orienting alcohol licensing towards public health: A qualitative interview study.
Florenzano Ramon Chile Alcohol harm to others and socio-economic level: data from Chile
Garretsen Henk Netherlands -
Giesbrecht Norman Canada Changes in Alcohol Distribution in Ontario, Canada: Public preferences and perceptions of risks
Gleeson Deborah Australia Implications of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement for Health Warnings on Alcohol Containers
Gmel Gerhard Switzerland The Association Between Depression and Suicidal Attempt: Examining the Mediating Roles of Drinking to Cope and Alcohol use
Gomes de Matos Elena Germany Drinking volume, drinking patterns, and alcohol-related problems: Disentangling their associations by socio-economic status
Graham Kate Canada "Is this what feminism has come to? How is it that women are so helpless that they need bartenders to protect them?"
Greenfield Thomas K. United States Work Absenteeism and Other Workplace Harms from Other Drinkers in the United States
Gripe Isabella Sweden Diverging trends in cannabis use and drinking among Swedish youth -" has the relationship changed?
Grüne Bettina Germany Drinking location and its association with alcohol use among adolescents in 14 European countries
Gustafsson Nina-Katri United Kingdom Alcohol use perceived as situational: Differences in rules of conduct and exposure between various population groups
Hanpatchaiyakul Kulnaree Thailand Lived experience of Thai women with alcohol addiction
Hellman Matilda Finland The commercial story on alcohol -" A synthesis analysis of messages
Hemmingsson Tomas Sweden The association between level of education and alcohol related hospitalisation in middle aged men
Herd Denise United States mpact of Youth Oriented Policy Changes on African American Adolescent Drinking Trends
Hodder Rebecca Australia Are universal school-based protective factor interventions effective in reducing adolescent alcohol use: results from a systematic review
Hoegberg Pi Sweden -
Holloway Aisha United Kingdom Utilising Photovoice as an innovative methodology to explore its impact in understanding the environment in relation to those in recovery from alcohol dependence
Holmes John United Kingdom Short-term effects of announcing revised UK lower risk drinking guidelines on related awareness and knowledge: Findings from a monthly cross-sectional survey.
Holmila Marja Finland Developing societal responses on harms to children - reflections based on register-based data on intergenerational effects of parental substance abuse
Holst Charlotte Denmark Alcohol drinking patterns and risk of diabetes: A cohort study of 71,215 men and women from the general Danish population
Hope Ann Ireland Disturbing the Peace:Harm from strangers' drinking
Hübner Lena Sweden -
Huckle Taisia New Zealand Effects of restricting trading hours for on-premise and takeaway alcohol outlets in New Zealand
Jiang Heng Australia Sociodemographic determinants of risky drinking among people aged 50 and over in Australia
Juberg Anne Norway Problem substance use in policy documents and research literature on youth unemployment - a discourse analysis
Kalema David Uganda Addressing treatment barriers for alcohol abusers in Uganda
Karriker-Jaffe Katherine United States Disparities in Pharmacotherapy for Alcohol Use Disorders in the Context of Universal Healthcare: A Swedish Register Study
Kataja Kati Finland Celebrate, normalize or stigmatize? Metaphors for alcohol in online talk of polydrug users
Kerr William United States Changes in heavy drinking after health problems in a US general population sample
Kerr-Correa Florence Brazil Factors associated with adherence to an online training course aimed at Therapeutic Communities workers
Kheokao Jantima Thailand Effects of Alcohol Product Placement Perception toward Message Interpretation Process and Intention to Drink among Thai Youths
Kim Kwang Kee Korea, Republic of Community drinking norm and alcohol attributable mortality
Klingemann Justyna Poland Barriers to the Diffusion of Reduced Risk Drinking Programs in Poland
Kotelnikova Zoya Russian Federation Structural Determinants of Counterfeit Alcohol Drinking in Russia
Kraus Ludwig Germany Social inequalities in alcohol consumption: An Age-Period-Cohort Analysis of time trends in Germany, 1995-2015
Kumar Kaushalendra India Socio-economic determinants of alcohol consumption in India
Kuntsche Emmanuel Switzerland Development and initial validation of the Alcohol Expectancy Task (AET)
Kuntsche Sandra Switzerland Being old fashioned in a modern world: moderating effects of gender role attitudes in the interplay between role conflicts and alcohol use
Kypri Kypros Australia Web-based alcohol screening and personalised feedback to increase referral uptake in hospital outpatients with probable alcohol dependence: Pilot randomised trial and qualitative interviews
Labhart Florian Switzerland The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak: why young people drink more than intended on weekend evenings - an event-level study
Lacey Melanie United Kingdom Alcohol consumption and metabolite markers of coronary heart disease risk.
Landberg Jonas Sweden To what extent is the social gradient in sickness absence explained by differences in alcohol use, other lifestyle behaviors, family structure and working conditions?
Larm Peter Sweden Adolescent non-drinkers: Who are they? Social relations, school performance, lifestyle factors, and health behaviors
Laslett Anne-Marie Australia Child injury deaths linked with adult alcohol per capita consumption: a time series analysis of harm to children from others’ drinking
Leifman Håkan Sweden Effect of increased availability of privately imported alcohol on youth drinking in Sweden
Lightowlers Carly United Kingdom Heterogeneity in drinking practices in England and Wales and its association with violent behaviour: a latent class analysis.
Livingston Michael Australia Are changes in parental attitudes and behaviour driving declines in Australian youth drinking
MacLean Sarah Australia Limits on acceptable drunken comportment for young adults
Maclennan Brett New Zealand Hazardous drinking among students in residential colleges over a period of policy change: Analysis of surveys a decade apart
Mäkelä Pia Finland "Low risk drinking guidelines as a public health measure: RARHA Delphi survey
McCambridge Jim United Kingdom Alcohol researchers acceptance of funding from the alcohol industry: perspectives from brief interventions research and the INEBRIA position statement
McGill Elizabeth United Kingdom Who are ‘problem drinkers’ and what is the ‘problem’? In-depth qualitative case study of 'problem drinking' in the context of UK local government alcohol policy
Meerkerk Gert-Jan Netherlands The relation between gambling marketing and gambling, a review of the literature and a comparance to the insights derived from the literature on alcohol marketing.
Meier Petra United Kingdom All drinking is not equal: Can a social practice theory lens help alcohol policy researchers?
Mellingen Sonja Norway -
Midford Richard Australia "It Fits the Needs of the Community: Long Term Evaluation of the Norseman Voluntary Liquor Agreement
Morojele Neo South Africa Exposure to alcohol advertisements, problem drinking and frequent alcohol consumption among adults: Results of the South African Arm of the International Alcohol Control (IAC) Study
Nilsson Tony Sweden Effects of local alcohol prevention efforts in Swedish municipalities.
Norström Thor Sweden -
Okwarah Patrick Kenya Associations between underage drinking, Alcohol law and quality of health among adolescents aged 13-17 years in Kenya.
Olsson Börje Sweden Lost in transition - (policy relevant) social alcohol and drug research going astray?
O'Neill Darragh United Kingdom Twenty-five year alcohol intake typologies and their role in arterial aging: A prospective cohort study
Österberg Esa Finland Alcohol excise duties in the Nordic countries in 2000-2015
Pantani Daniela Brazil Public health implications of alcohol industry corporate social responsibility programs
Pape Hilde Norway Adolescent drinking: A touch of social class?
Parker Robert N United States -
Paschall Mallie United States Effects of Community-based Environmental Prevention Strategies on Alcohol Use and Related Problems Among Youth: Preliminary Findings from a Randomized Trial
Pauly Bernadette Canada Rethinking Alcohol Harm Reduction: Overview of Managed Alcohol Progams in Canada
Pham V Cuong Viet Nam Barriers towards development of alcohol policies in Vietnam.
Piontek Daniela Germany Trends in alcohol-related mortality in East and West Germany, 1980 to 2009: age, period, and cohort variations
Pisinger Veronica Denmark Perceived parental alcohol problems and drinking patterns in youth: a cross-sectional study of 71,948 secondary education students in Denmark
Pliakas Triantafyllos United Kingdom Comparing two analytical approaches to evaluate local alcohol policy interventions using retail sales data: the case of the “Reducing the Strength” initiative in the UK
Price Alan United Kingdom Compounding effects of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and early childhood trauma: A systematic review.
Pridemore William United States A cross-national study of the population-level association between alcohol consumption and suicide rates
Pryce Robert United Kingdom Reweighting Survey Data for Local Area Policy Modelling: An Alcohol Case Study
Radaev Vadim Russian Federation Divergent drinking patterns and factors affecting homemade alcohol consumption (the case of Russia)
Rahav Giora Israel Country Level-Gender Differences After a Decade
Ramstedt Mats Sweden Nonresponse bias at follow-up in prospective surveys on alcohol use and problems – findings from a one-year follow-up in Sweden
Raninen Jonas Sweden Socio-demographic composition of the population and trends in alcohol-related mortality in Sweden
Reitan Therese Sweden Whatever happened to Jane and her baby? Health and social harms among pregnant substance abusers and their offspring.
Rekve Dag Switzerland -
Roodbeen Ruud Netherlands An inventory and evaluation of the internal age limit policies of Dutch liquor store chains: Effects on the compliance of the alcohol age limit
Room Robin Australia The distribution of customary behaviour in a population: collectivities and the Total Consumption Model
Rossow Ingeborg Norway Are socio-economic differences in adolescents’ mental health problems attributable to alcohol intoxications?
Rukundo Aloysius Uganda Prevalence of Alcohol and Other Psychoactive Substance Use: Exploring Socio-demographic Differences in Use of Psychoactive Active Substances among Adolescents in Public Schools in Uganda
Saengow Udomsak Thailand One survey to rule them all? Monitoring alcohol policies with national survey in Thailand.
Sagvaag Hildegunn Norway Governance of addiction -" translation into local practice
Saltz Robert United States -
Schölin Lisa United Kingdom Implementation of alcohol brief interventions (ABI) in Scottish antenatal care settings - a qualitative study
Schückher Fides Sweden Individuals with onset of excessive drinking in late adulthood - Do they differ from the early onset group in psychiatric symptoms and personality characteristics?
Scott Nick Australia Using simulation modelling to examine the impact of variations in venue lockout and last-drink policies on drinking-related harms and costs to licensees
Seid Abdu Denmark The influence of distance and alcohol outlet density on alcohol use and smoking in the general Danish population
Sherk Adam Canada The effect of the off-site physical availability of alcohol on per capita consumption: Systematic reviews and meta-analyses of the days and hours of sale and outlet density
Shorter Gillian Ireland Conceptualizing meaningful alcohol change and relapse for hazardous drinkers
Siciliano Valeria Italy Alcohol policy, drinking behavior, alcoholic beverages: The impact of Minimum Legal Purchase Age (MLPA) in Italy.
Sirichotiratana Nithat Thailand Influence of using sportsmen / actors / singers / musicians as products presenters on youth drinking behaviour of beer in Bangkok, Thailand
Smit Koen Netherlands Discrepancies Between Parental and Adolescent Alcohol-specific Norms Predict Developmental Drinking Trajectories
Stockwell Tim Canada Does "managing" the consumption of people with alcohol dependence reduce harm? A comparison of participants in five Canadian managed alcohol programs (MAPs)with locally recruited controls
Storbjörk Jessica Sweden -
Sulkunen Pekka Finland The Images Theory of Addiction
Sundin Erica Sweden Comparing results from general population surveys on alcohol’s harm to others – are differences related to administration mode?
Svensson Johan Sweden Population drinking and acute alcohol-related deaths with different BAC-levels - A time series analysis of Swedish data for 1994-2013
Swahn Monica United States Typologies of the Gender-Based Violence, HIV, and Alcohol Use Syndemic among Youth in Kampala
Syden Lovisa Sweden Separation in childhood and adulthood and the development of alcohol habits in a Swedish cohort of adults
Sznitman Sharon Israel Examining the Sociocultural Sensitivity of Subjective Drunkenness: Comparing Arab and Jewish Israeli Pub Patrons
Tamutiene Ilona Lithuania Alcohol‘s involvement in the child‘s neglect cases and the responses done by Child Rights Protection Service
Tanaree Athip Thailand Pattern and risk of developing alcohol use disorders, illegal substance use and psychiatric disorders after early onset of alcohol use: Results of the Thai National Mental Health Survey 2013
Thaikla Kanittha Thailand Unlicensed Community Distilleries in Northern Thailand.
Thor Siri Sweden Social inequalities in alcohol use and related harm among adolescents
Törrönen Jukka Sweden Masculinities and femininities of drinking in Finland, Italy and Sweden: doing and undoing gender in focus groups in relation to different drinking situations
Torun Perihan Turkey Alcohol use in Turkey: A literature review
Uhl Alfred Austria Grave Logical Errors in Calculating Years of Life Lost in the Global Burden of Disease Study
Vallance Kate Canada Put a label on it: Testing and refining content and design of enhanced labels on alcohol containers
van de Mheen Dike Netherlands Out of debts in a different way: What works for people with an addiction?
Vichitkunakorn Polathep Thailand Disparities in alcohol consumption indices by different methods of inquiry: results of the Thai National Health Examination Survey 2013-14
Voogt Carmen Netherlands Alcohol Knowledge and Alcohol Norms in Four to Six Year Olds by using the Electronic Appropriate Beverage Task: Primary findings of a multiple-informant longitudinal family study
Waleewong Orratai Thailand Criminal behavior and victimization harm from other’s drinking: preliminary findings from self-reports of five Asian countries
Wall Martin New Zealand Drinker types, harm and policy related variables: results from the 2011 International Alcohol Control Study in New Zealand
Ward Bernadette Australia Liquor licences issued to Australian schools
Wennberg Peter Sweden Stability of temperament traits in alcohol dependent patients in full alcohol remission
Wettlaufer Ashley Canada What’s the damage? Estimating the number and cost of cannabis-impaired collisions in Canada and preliminary comparisons with alcohol
Wiggers John Australia Public opinion and experiences of crime two and five years following the implementation of targeted regulation of licensed premises in Newcastle (Australia)
Wilkinson Claire Australia Exemptions to the freeze on new late night liquor licences in inner city Melbourne: early impact and experience in the four affected municipalities
Winstanley Erin United States Opioid Overdose Risk and Concurrent Alcohol Use
Woodall Gill United States The Family Listening/Circle Program: An Intergenerational Cross-Tribal Intervention
Wright Cassandra Australia "It's the short term stuff I can do something about" - Designing SMS message content to be delivered during risky drinking events for young adults
Ye Yu United States The Missing Link between Alcohol and Injury: the Confounding and Modifying Role of Context
Yoo Seunghyun Korea, Republic of Social context of urban youth drinking in Korea: A qualitative study
Zhao Jinhui Canada The impacts of minimum alcohol pricing on alcohol attributable morbidity and income status

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